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Shunfeng PV officially becomes Shunfeng International Clean Energy

Posted on 2014-11-25
China-based Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Ltd (HKG:1165) said on Nov 21 it has officially changed its name to Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd.


As the solar company has previously explained, the name change would better reflect its strategy to expand in the power storage and other renewable energy sectors and will provide it with a new corporate image. The firm has chosen the third version of a new name proposed by its board. The first two suggestions were Sunfu International Ltd and Shunfeng International Ltd.


The name change was approved by the company’s shareholders and registrars of companies in the Cayman Islands and in Hong Kong. In addition to its full English and Chinese names, the company’s stock short name will also change to SFCE as of November 26. Its logo was altered accordingly and its website is currently under construction.


Shunfeng is a fully-integrated solar company, which operates in both the upstream and downstream solar segments.


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